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Intentional Joy

Systematic frequency-raising for optimal experience and authentic power

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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Thursday, May 4, 2006 Lecture and Booksigning
Joy is the incentive built into the Divine Design that assures we will want to rise out of the "misery matrix," back to the vibrational level at which we were designed to thrive. While we have assumed that joy is an elusive experience that happens only when circumstances magically arrange themselves, there is actually a system for experiencing joy, and when you work that system, joy, and all the magic that comes along with it, is the only possible outcome!

Purposefully intending joy, and knowing how to navigate the path between where you are vibrationally and the frequency level where joy manifests in your experience, is not only the key to feeling sublime, but to health, abundance, wisdom, and authentic power. Julia, who credits her practice of intentional joy with vastly accelerating her ascent toward Self-realization, will share her unique insights on the Divine Design and the role of joy in driving the ascension of the individual, of humanity, and of Planet Earth.

6:30-9:00 pm at Blessings 823 Reynolda Rd across from Hanes Park, $11 (suggested energy exchange) Julia's book, Recreating Eden, as well as audio CDs of some of her talks, will be for sale and Julia will sign books after the talk.

Sunday, May 7, 2006 Afternoon Intensive
Learn the sure-fire system for getting to the "joy space," as well as ways to increase your capacity for staying there. In this very full-and joy-filled-afternoon, we will work with the "The Joy Formula," discuss strategies for transcending ego resistance, and practice frequency-raising techniques that will empower you to ascend the frequency ladder to joy and beyond! 1:00-5:00 (Directions to Winston-Salem location near WFU will be provided upon making reservation). $44 if paid by May 4, $55 after May 4. For reservations (strongly advised due to limited space) or more information, contact Britt Mittemeijer at 336-765-8989 or by email. Visa, Mastercard payments accepted. For credit card payments prior to the day of event, please pay online using the reservation form below, or call New Realities Publishing at 303-757-1509.

Monday afternoon, May 8, 2006 Private Consultations
A session with Julia may include a number of modalities depending on what your Spirit is calling for. From channeling Higher Wisdom, to energy attunements, Julia will provide what she is divinely guided to. Feel free to bring special questions or concerns. Contact Britt Mittemeijer at 336-765-8989 or by email for an appointment. $44 (30 minutes) or $77 (one hour) at private home in Winston-Salem near WFU. Directions given when appointment made. Visa, Mastercard accepted.

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Afternoon Intensive workshop

May 7 in Winston-Salem.